Beta Alpha Alumni Association, Inc.
Officer Title Member Name
President Michael K. Murray  (BAZ 526)
Vice President Alonzo Bahena  (BAZ 542)
Secretary Grant Walker  (BAZ 568)
Treasurer Brandon Gardner  (BAZ 583)
Alumni Advisory Board Chair Nicholas Ohman  (BAZ 378)
AAB Member ’68-’75 Timothy J. Gette  (BAZ 001)
AAB Member ’76-’83 open for a volunteer
AAB Member ’84-’91 open for a volunteer
AAB Member ’92-’99 open for a volunteer
AAB Member ’00-’07 Ralph Almanza  (BAZ 538)
AAB Member ’08-’16 Geoffery Johnston  (BAZ 645)

Welcome to the Beta Alpha Alumni Association. The association will serve to support the active chapter, foster communication with the alumni, provide a Beta Alpha Alumni Newsletter, and host Beta Alpha Alumni Events. Please feel free to contact us at

Further, we ask that you join the Beta Alpha Alumni Association by pledging your support, using the donate link below, and making a recurring (monthly) donation.  Though all donations are appreciated, we have 3 standard levels of monthly support, Purple-$5, Green-$10 & Gold-$15. You may cancel your recurring donation at anytime. Your support is greatly appreciated by the association & the chapter.

The central compelling reason why alumni give money or time to Lambda Chi Alpha is simple: They want the fraternal experience that so deeply impacted their life to be perpetuated for future generations of brothers to enjoy.  We value that Lambda Chi Alpha develops leaders in the form of future husbands, fathers, colleagues, and friends, and this is why we stay in contact with each other and the active chapter.

In addition to supporting the active chapter and fostering alumni relations, the Beta Alpha Alumni Association also perpetuates the benefits of an organization that has been making every man a man for over 40 years as Lambda Chi Alpha – Beta Alpha Zeta at Angelo State University.  We value our ritual, history, and reputation, and we understand the common bond that unites us.  We appreciate that we have over 100 years as a brotherhood to celebrate and know that we all benefit from Lambda Chi Alpha.  The undergraduate experience does not last forever. Yet, through the generosity of alumni giving, the investment of their time in the lives of our undergraduates, and the continuing strength of the Beta Alpha Alumni Association, we will perpetuate the existence of Lambda Chi Alpha – Beta Alpha Zeta and the experience forever.

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